NGCP Sixteenth Anniversary!

Sixteen years ago, NGCP leadership received funding from the National Science Foundation to serve educators in the Pacific Northwest by providing networking and professional development opportunities. We developed the Program Directory as a way to find STEM opportunities and as a collaboration tool which has grown and transitioned to The Connectory, the largest national database of programs and opportunities for young people.

The NGCP collaborative model is transforming the way educators work to advance the participation of girls in STEM. There are currently 33 Collaboratives, serving 41 states, facilitate collaboration between 36,400 organizations who serve 20.15 million girls and 9.5 million boys.

Join us as we celebrate this milestone using the hashtags #NGCPTurns16 and #AltSweet16. On September 18th we'll be co-hosting a Twitter chat with NAPE titled "#AltSweet16: Girls in STEM and the Power of Micromessaging" as well as a September 25th webinar with TechGirlz to help inspire middle school girls to explore tech. Visit our birthday event page to see what we'll be up to all month long.