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Act Locally

The National Girls Collaborative Project operates on a local basis. Each Collaborative has a defined region, acting as a hub for local programs to coordinate resources and reach girl-serving STEM programs in the community.
  • Learn about the Collaborative in your area and how you can participate.
  • Stay current on girl-serving STEM activities in your community.

Find a Collaborative

Connect with Programs

The Connectory, operated and managed by the National Girls Collaborative, was developed so parents and other caregivers could find local STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) education opportunities for the kids in their lives. It was also created with program providers in mind, providing the means for discovering new partners as well as ways to showcase the STEAM opportunities that providers are offering for youth. It's free to use!

  • Search for organizations or programs to network, share resources, and collaborate with.

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Partner with NGCP

The National Girls Collaborative Project values collaboration and partners with organizations aligned in our goal of building the capacity of programs serving girls in STEM. We partner with organizations on initiatives that support our vision of encouraging and supporting more girls to pursue STEM careers. In partnership, NGCP:
  • Elevates awareness of the gender gap in STEM with a solutions-based approach.
  • Connects a national audience with evidence-based STEM resources.
  • Shares opportunities for STEM professional development and educator capacity building.  
  • Collaborates with institutional entities to design and disseminate high quality STEM curriculum.
  • Advises on incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion exemplary practices.

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