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The National Girls Collaborative Project operates on a local basis. Each Collaborative has a defined region, acting as a hub for local programsto coordinate resources and reach girl-serving STEM programs in the community.
  • Learn about the Collaborative in your area and how you can participate.
  • Stay current on girl-serving STEM activities in your community.

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The National Girls Collaborative Project provides a directory of girl-serving STEM programs and allows those programs to broadcast their activity with events and news.
  • Search for organizations or programs to network, share resources, and collaborate with.
  • Check out mini-grant awards to find successful ideas for girl-serving activities. 

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As part of its mission the National Girls Collaborative Project acts as a resource for community organizations to advance gender equality in STEM fields.
  • Use our resources on engaging girls in STEM, collaboration, and evaluation and assessment.
  • Browse links to resources on STEM careers and professional organizations.
  • Attend webinars where practitioners and researchers share effective strategies.  
  • View our Events Schedule of Collaborative events and National webinars.
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