AEM Construction Challenge

The AEM Construction Challenge, sponsored by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and presenting sponsor Volvo Construction Equipment, is a one-day event requiring only 6-8 hours of pre-event research on infrastructure issues: roads, bridges, drinking water, and sewers. On Jan 15, 2011, 50 teams at 8 locations (Chicago, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Seattle, Toronto, Enid OK, and Dallas) will compete in 3 hands-on challenges designed and managed by Destination ImagiNation.

Challenge 1: Hands-on transportation infrastructure.

Challenge 2: Hands-on water infrastructure.

Teams bring a small tool kit for completing Challenges 1 and 2. Other material are provided. Work is done at the Rally with lots of energy and excitement building throughout the day.

Challenge 3: Teams present research on a local infrastructure problem.

Teams will research a local infrastructure issue and come prepared to film a 30 second video about this issue (camera provided and operated by Construction Challenge Officials). All videos will be collected by the AEM and put together into a larger video that will be shown at Con-Expo in Las Vegas.

The Challenge for high school students introduces the students to the construction sector as a career choice. It has been put together to help deal with a drastic skills shortage expected as early as 2012 in the sector. Unlike other "engineering" or "science" events, the Construction Challenge is based on students developing and using their creativity, teamwork and problem solving skills. Proficiency with tools is not necessary to compete successfully in the challenges. This ensures the event is rewarding and fun for all students, not only for those who excel in math and science, and it represents a more complete picture of the entire spectrum of skills necessary in the construction sector.

The top teams are invited to the Championship Finals held in Las Vegas during the largest North American construction conference in March, 2011. Winning teams raise money for their flights to/from Vegas, while their industry sponsor pays for the Championship Finals and the team accommodations and most meals.

Team registration is $125 (USD), and consists of 5-7 high school students with one adult manager. Schools, youth groups, neighborhoods, homeschool groups, etc.

can register directly at (Teams register for the Regional Rally most convenient for them.), Each Rally can only accommodate 50 team - so register soon to ensure your team's spot at the January 15, 2011 Regional Rally.

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