Astronomy Program

The Camp Joy Astronomy Program provides children, many faced with economic or medical challenges, with the opportunity to learn about the universe at the new Rachel A. Hutzel Observatory.  As a key component of Camp Joy’s mission to help youth learn through outdoor, experiential education, this program serves children ages 7-16 during the course of the entire year. Camp Joy partners with schools, youth service agencies, and Children’s hospitals to provide learning experiences for many who otherwise would not have this opportunity.

Camp Joy delivers week-long and weekend overnight camp programs in collaboration with organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs, St. Joseph’s Orphanage, the American Diabetes Association, the Amputee Coalition of America, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Additionally, Camp Joy partners with schools, many located in at-risk and economically challenged areas, to deliver standards based and common core outdoor education programs.

Every participant in the Astronomy Program, regardless of whether they are participating through a school group, medical camp, or through a foster care agency, will have the opportunity to look through a 15-foot-long telescope with the direction of trained astronomers in a new state-of-the art observatory located at Camp Joy, where the sky is free from light pollution. The students learn about astronomy through a hands-on, interactive experience in the new observatory.  Rather than simply looking at a star map on a computer, the students will be engaged in discussion with the teachers, counselors, and other children, which also develops and enhances personal and interpersonal skills, such as cooperation, communication, problem solving, and teamwork.

This program results in the children being introduced to a STEM discipline in a unique setting. Many of the children in Camp Joy’s Program, because of the fact that they are either facing a medical or economic challenge, have not had the opportunity to be in an outdoor setting away from home. Camp Joy’s Astronomy program provides the opportunity for children facing similar challenges to be together in a supportive environment, offer one another hope, and reach for the stars together.    

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