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Join our academy and start climbing the Coder's Ladder! Like the martial arts belt system, the ladder defines programming skills from beginner to advanced levels. Achieving Level 10 means mastering all fundamentals of software development.

With each level, students gain proficiency in more advanced programming concepts and learn how to design and build more complex projects. Levels are taught in age and experience appropriate development environments, from simple drag-and-drop languages like Scratch, to professional typed languages, such as Python or Java.


We recognize that each student learns best at a different pace of learning. Our curriculum has been carefully designed to allow for individual advancement and growth.

* Live Instructors - Our online environment allows for your child to interact with the instructor much as they would in-person. Video conferencing and screen-sharing capabilities allow instructors to work with students, seeing what they see and editing the same code.

* Small Class Sizes - Each instructor has a maximum of 6 students in their class.

Progress Tracking - Instructors track student progress within each level individually based on student's understanding of and ability to apply concepts they learned in their class projects. Parents can check their coder's progress in their Coding with Kids account online anytime.


* Join Any Time - Online classes are ongoing, with enrollment open every two weeks. Tuition is collected every four weeks. If you join in the middle of a pay period, our system will prorate your tuition automatically.

* Entrance Evaluation & Instruction - Sign your coder up for a level that seems to best suit their age and coding skills. Each new student receives personalized instruction before joining a running class. 1st week, a new student orientation instructor will evaluate your coder's experience level and adjust class level assignment, if needed. In the next 1-3 weeks, the instructor will teach your student as much as needed to match the current experience level of the class they will be joining. We hope to meet you soon!

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