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STEMY Academy is a two-pronged educational initiative that aims to cultivate scientific curiosity in local middle school students, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds. 

The first prong of STEMY Academy (part A) will be an afterschool science workshop specifically to show students that STEM can be exciting. For example, participants will explore fluid dynamics and physics through an egg drop challenge and discover biological topics by building edible candy DNA strands. By engaging students who may have had little previous exposure to STEM in a series of fun challenges, part A will spark interests for STEM and recruit students for the second, more education-focused part of STEMY Academy. Part A will extend from now until the end of the first school semester in December. 

The second prong of this initiative (part B) will educate students about real-world issues that can be solved through STEM. Participants will learn about major problems currently affecting our global society, work in groups to discuss these problems, and explore different ways to address them through hands-on activities. For example, students will learn about sustainable technology while building solar ovens. This part of the program will challenge students to apply what we teach them to real world problems, building critical thinking and problem-solving skills while also teaching students about urgent issues. Part B will begin at the start of the second school semester in January and last until the end of school in May. 

STEMY Academy provides underprivileged minority students with STEM opportunities they wouldn't be able to access through school. Our innovative, hands-on approach to education is uniquely able to spark interests in STEM, a field that students often consider too difficult or boring to pursue as a passion or career. Participants will not only learn about cool science and urgent real-world issues, they will also build critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. Students who join this program can remain in it throughout their middle school career.  By engaging the same students over the course of several years, we have the capability to make a permanent difference in these students' lives and in the community. 


STEMY Academy will begin in mid-September to early October. Part A of the program will be located at Farnsley Middle and two other middle schools. Each school will be visited every other week until December. Applications for Part B, which will begin in January, will be open to all middle school students (with particular emphasis on middle schoolers from Part A schools) in Louisville, Kentucky and hosted at duPont Manual High School or the University of Louisville. More information regarding Part B applications will be available towards the end of the year.

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