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April 2007

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  • NGCP Updates
    Science Girls

    NGCP Program Directory- Register your Program Today!
    The online Program Directory lists organizations and programs that focus on motivating girls to pursue STEM careers. The purpose of the directory is to help organizations and individuals network, share resources and collaborate on STEM-related projects for girls. When you sign up for the Program Directory you will enter your program description, resources available within your organization, program and/or organizational needs and contact information.

    NGCP Webcast- April 25, 11AM-12PM Pacific DST
    The Webcast will include an overview of the project and an update from each of our new regional collaboratives. Learn how the NGCP can connect you to other girl-serving organizations in your area and across the country, both in person and though innovative online methods. We encourage anyone working with girls in STEM or interested in this issue to participate.
    NGCP Webcasts are presented by the Education Development Center (EDC), to provide project updates and resources relating to informal learning and evaluation and assessment. Two weeks before the webcast, all registrants will receive the webcast URL, a toll-free call-in number, and a technical systems check link. To register for the webcast, please RSVP to Bethany Carlson,

    New NGCP Video

    The Mid-West Rural Urban Collaborative (MRU) is holding a Celebration Event on May 5, 2007 at Missouri State University. The purpose of the event is to bring together the people and organizations that have collaborated on MRU projects over the last two years, celebrating accomplishments. Regional Individuals and organizations interested in STEM are welcome!

    The SouthCentral Girls Collaborative (SCGCP) is holding an Annual Conference on May 30, 2007 at the University of Texas at Austin. Come celebrate the accomplishments of the girls and organizations who have taken part in the SCGCP over the last two years. Regional individuals and organizations interested in STEM are welcome!

    Regional Collaborative Updates

    California: CalGirls
    The California Girls Collaborative Project (California Girls) is a managed in partnership between the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Edward Teller Educational Center (ETEC). ETEC is a University of California Davis School of Education collaborative established to provide K-14 teacher professional development around science and technology. The Teacher Research Academy (TRA) offers K-14 teachers a unique professional development experience that allows them to progress from novice to mastery in variety scientific disciplines. Teachers who complete the TRA will be able to guide their students to conduct research investigations within the areas of biotechnology, biophotonics, fusion-astrophysics, energy technologies, the environmental sciences, and bioinformatics. The 2007 Summer Schedule is available.

    Florida: Girls Get IT!
    Florida’s new Governor, Charlie Crist, visited Innovation Park’s National High Magnetic Field Laboratory to announce a new state center dedicated to improving K-12 science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in Florida. Florida State University was selected from a prestigious group of universities to house the new research center. We are proud to announce that Girls Get IT! will collaborate with the new Center in finding new and exciting ways to engage both girls and diverse populations in the STEM fields.

    Mid-Atlantic: UMBC Center for Women and Technology
    On May 5, 2007, UMBC’s Center for Women and Information Technology is hosting its 5th annual Computer Mania Day. At the event, attendees will meet Jennifer Webb, a digitally animated middle school guest speaker, who will interact with the audience in real time. Registration information, flyers and posters are available.

    North Carolina: The Science House
    The Science House annually reaches over 3,000 teachers and over 20,000 students from six offices spread across the state. Its mission is to increase student enthusiasm for science by partnering with K- 12 teachers to promote hands-on inquiry-based science learning. The Science House is offering a variety of exciting summer programs for middle and high school students.

    The Northwest Girls Collaborative Project (NWGCP) held a forum on February 2, 2007 at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, WA. Workshops were presented by PBS DragonFly SciGirls, TechBridge, Assessing Women in Engineering, ITEST Learning Resource Center and The Ophelia Project. Attendees had the chance to network, share resources and learn about the future expansion of the project in the Pacific Northwest. The NWGCP is housed at the Puget Sound Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology in Bothell, WA.

    Upcoming Events

    Leadership Excellence for Academic Diversity Workshops Save-the-Date -- July 9-10, 2007, Seattle, WA
    The University of Washington has received a grant from the National Science Foundation ADVANCE program to offer a series of national leadership workshops for science, engineering, and mathematics department chairs and emerging faculty leaders; focused on providing skills and resources to address issues related to departmental and university culture.

    WEPAN 2007 National Conference
    The Women in Engineering Programs & Advocates Network (WEPAN) invites you to participate in the National Conference, June 10 through June 13, 2007 at the Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.


    AccessComputing Alliance
    The purpose of the newly-funded AccessComputing Alliance is to increase the participation of people with disabilities in computing careers. The Alliance works with projects that serve to increase the representation of women and racial/ethnic minorities in computing fields. Communication will occur primarily on a discussion list. g/cop.html

    Computer Science Teacher Association Resources
    Computing brochure for middle school students: This brochure helps students make connections between the technologies they use every day and the courses and the career opportunities available to them.
    Computing Careers Poster: This engaging poster invites students (especially young women) to consider a career in the computing disciplines and makes connections between popular professions and computer science.

    National Computer Camp Scholarship
    For the June/July 2007 enrollment, WomenGamers.Com and National Computer Camp (NCC) are offering scholarships to two female students ages 8-18 for one week. These will be the first scholarships ever given to girls wishing to attend this summer experience. Scholarship applicants need to submit an essay in response to the following question: "What will video games of the future be like and if you were in charge of designing a game, what would it be like?" The 500 - 600 word essay must be submitted to no later than April 27, 2007. Along with the essay, include your name, address, telephone, e-mail address, and age. To get more information about camp:
    For more information on the scholarship:

    Race/Gender Media Research
    "Now You See ‘Em, Now You Don’t" analyzes race and gender in 1,034 children's television shows and how frequently characters occupy narrowly prescribed roles. The research shows that live-action children's television programs have gone far in reducing gender and racial imbalance while they remain stubbornly entrenched in G-rated films and animated TV shows. The data also revealed that three quarters of all individual speaking characters on children's television were White.

    AAUW logo

    American Association of University Women (AAUW) members across the country are serving as Regional Liaisons for the National Girls Collaborative Project. These Regional Liaisons help the people involved in the NGCP to make connections – to one another, to resources on gender equity, and to AAUW.

    National Girls Collaborative logo

    The goal of the National Girls Collaborative Project is to maximize access to shared resources within projects and with public and private sector organizations and institutions interested in expanding girls' participation in STEM.

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